Gambling superstition around the world

Gambling superstition around the world

Gambling is purely based on luck and your gaming strategies, but people try every other thing to win the game. It includes different types of habits and superstitions. When it comes to gambling people who had never believe in any superstition becomes superstitious as they want to win at any cost.

The myths about gambling

There are so many different myths in which belief in some are common and some are uncommon and wired. Just like wearing a red color in Chinese is a sign of good luck and can help the people win a big jackpot in gambling.

And one belief that people follow is amazing that if you cross your leg while gambling your good luck may cut off that was coming your way. Oh, really then you should be very particular with your sitting style. While crossing your legs is not that good for the superstitious gamblers crossing the fingers can bring some luck. And the myths are wired from person to person.

The superstitions are not limited to the casino but also the people who play online follow different methods to make earn some good cash through gambling.

The tradition followed around the world

Let us check what people do around the world as superstitious gamblers to bring some good luck and kick out the bad luck.


As people in China believe that red is a lucky color, they often give money in red envelop or wear red trousers, t-shirts, and also underwear. The Chinese are seen to be the superstition followers and apart from the color they also avoid entering from the main entrance of the casino, avoid betting on number 7, and more.


India has its set of superstition which is different and unique. Some people do not wash their hair on Thursday or avoid trimming nails on Tuesdays and Saturdays. And some people don’t shower till their next effectively big win so you need to find that person and stay away from that odd smelly one.



Thailand is the other place where people follow superstition in casinos as well as in online gambling. The online casino Thailand offers numerous games to the gamblers and to win in any of them they follow the tradition of wearing “PaladKhik” which they believe can bring some good luck to the gamblers.


The Serbians believe that by spilling water behind your back you can show a smooth path to your luck to reach you. This is something different and God knows from where they got this idea but according to them, it is something which can help them to win huge cash while gambling.


The people in Greece believe to bring good luck by smashing and throwing dishes. Not only for gambling they use this practice at their weddings or when a new neighbor arrives for good luck.

It is incredible that in different parts of the world there are so many gamblers following various superstitions but if you are not one them don’t worry you can still have the chances to win.